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This volume aims to gather together papers from experts on metropolitan governance with a focus on theoretical and practical aspects, as well as case studies that document concrete experiences of best practices and obstacles in the topic. The publication seeks to contribute to the multi-dimensional perspective required for thinking and addressing challenges of metropolitan governance issues. Hence the volume will be targeted to reach and serve as a guide for a broad audience, including practitioners, public officials, scholars and civil organizations. It will also offer important conceptual and practical insights for different regions and countries facing similar challenges.

The volume includes a foreword; an introduction, three structuring sections and final remarks:


Brief opening remarks section setting the breadth and tone of the volume, it links the three sections around the potentials and challenges for metropolitan governance with an international perspective.


The introduction establishes the justification, goals and the organization of the publication. It will establish the volume’s contribution within the topic including how it responds to developments in the last decade.

 teoriaSection I. Theoretical Approaches to Metropolitan Governance

The first section includes papers providing theoretical debates and conceptual contributions to Metropolitan Governance. Chapters may focus in models, institutions or systems.

 retosSection II. Sectoral Approaches to Metropolitan Governance

The second section has a sectorial focus exploring specific challenges and opportunities in management and organization of the Metropolis.

 estrellaSection III. Building Metropolitan Governance - Lessons and Good Practices.

The third section presents case-based analyses of lessons and good practices in building effective governance practices and institutions.

 conclusionFinal Remarks

The concluding section reflects on key approaches, transformations and lessons included in the volume, emphasizing promising lines of research and policy outcomes towards the project of achieving sustainable urban development.



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